Friday, 2 April 2010

Oh God! Not Another Cameron Robot!

Dominic Llewellyn, Conservative PPC for Newcastle Upon Tyne East, gushes on the Blue Blog about the Cameron/Marxist plan for a 'Big Society' and in particular the idea of creating 'Community Organisers'. Dominic Llewellyn enthuses over the fact that he had the opportunity to be involved in writing this policy crap!
Look young man, where to start? Michael Gove's crusade for parent-run schools is all very well, but it is confined to state schools - ie, ultimately, centrist control. As for Grant Schapps, this man is talking through the wrong orifice if he believes that the 'Big Society' or 'Community Organisers' will empower social housing tenants - and I speak as one who is a tenant of a Registered Social Landlord. As long as government retains control of policy and the purse strings, we always will have 'big government' - but Llewellyn, brainwashed as he so obviously is, cannot see that.

Llewellyn also writes "Wednesday once again showed why it is the Conservative Party who are the party who care most about the future of our country." Well, sorry to disagree young man, but what Wednesday showed is that the Conservative Party is the party who does not have a f'ing clue about anything really. 

If Llewellyn wishes to 'get passionate' about something worthwhile, perhaps he should get passionate about what a democracy is and understand the basic requirements of such a society before he tries to write policy for it!

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