Sunday, 11 April 2010

Political Correctness A Killer?

This story in the Mail is so sad and demonstrates the futility of making people conform to thinking, acting and speaking as dictated by the political elite.

Obviously the full facts are not known and Mr. Amor's state of mind will never be known. Suffice it to say, I have a friend of over 20 years standing who is of mixed parentage. Both of us make comments against each other about our 'heritage' that are not entirely complimentary - and importantly, neither of us are offended. Even if one of us were to be offended it is up to the 'offended party' to make a complaint and is of no concern to a 'third person'.

Perhaps if Opcare had adopted a common-sense approach, instead of immediately 'ticking all the boxes', Mr. Amor would still be alive today?


Anonymous said...

What a sodding disgrace, the "person". approximately , who made the complaint is a truly sanctimonious prat. How did we get this low?


James Higham said...

When will this heinous yoke around our necks be lifted. When will people come to their senses?

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that it was solely the joke & investigation that caused him to kill himself.

People don't just go "oh I'm having a bad week, let's end it all". He clearly had underlying issues and was mostly likely suffering from depression.

Don't pin all this on political correctness. No one wants to have jokes made about them. Yeah, he made a mistake.

Now shut up complaining and let the guy rest in peace.

Witterings From Witney said...


Firstly, not too sure who you are telling to 'shut up' - if me, then no, I won't.

No doubt he was suffering from depression brought on by the investigation. Had common sense prevailed, had the investigation not been started in the first place then the man's depression would not have happened.

This man's death was, in my opinion, caused by pc 'box ticking', a practice which has changed out society for the worse - and the sooner it is ended, the better.