Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sham Election 2010

Autonomous Mind says it all really in this post.

"Voters in 2010 are not really being asked to give Cameron (or Brown, or Clegg for that matter) a chance.  They are being asked to hold their nose, join in with race to the bottom of constantly shrinking expectations and lower standards, and vote for the least worst option.  That is not real democracy.  It is the politics of despair.  And our needs and wishes are irrelevant."

Exactly, Sir! With the refusal of Cameron, Brown and Clegg to engage with any other party than the members of their 'cabal', they are practising a form of censorship. By their refusal to debate with the electorate Britain's membership of the European Union they are denying the electorate a chance to actually decide who governs our country.

Our political elite pontificate about 'Change' and 'Choice' - where is the 'change' and where is the 'choice'?

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