Friday, 9 April 2010

What Are They Afraid Of?

On Monday an 8'X4' board was erected on private land beside the A424 leading to Burford, having been placed on scaffolding 16' high, advertising the UKIP candidate for Witney constituency.

On Thursday night what an only be described as pure vandalism took place and this morning it looked like this:

with some of the scaffolding bent beyond further use, as can be seen. The police were naturally called and evidence was found from which DNA can - and will be - extracted. One hopes that no representative of a political party was involved!

Applicable to when a police presence is required - where is a CCTV camera when you want one?


Quiet_Man said...

Probably kids, however I wouldn't put it past any of the main political parties lunatic fringe to do such a thing either.
Problem being that the lunatic fringe is very near the surface these days

Witterings From Witney said...


No not kids - what with the poles sunk 6 feet in the ground? This took a vehicle or about 4/6 extremely strong men. Also it happened when some posters were put up by a certain other political party.

Anonymous said...

The UKIP office in Plymouth was attacked several times. Windows smashed etc...

Some very nasty goings on on twitter apparently

Google This is Plymouth and search for UKIP for more info

These people and their masters are getting more and more desperate.