Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Internet Consultation

I posted briefly yesterday on this sham 'consultation' exercise that The Coalition are currently running and today others in the blogosphere have picked up on this, for example The Boiling Frog, England Expects and The Talking Clock. Open Europe's press summary for today also mentions the story, linking to an article in the Mail and also the the FCO response. From the latter's response:
"We understand that so many of you feel jaded and sceptical about the EU. Speaking about the EU in Parliament, the Foreign Secretary said he knows there is “a profound disconnection between the British people and what has been done in their name by British Governments”. We want to deal with this."
"The EU does offer real benefits and opportunities for people and businesses........"
"The Coalition Government wants to listen to what you have to say on this issue........."
Listen you F'Wits, whilst it is acknowledged that you only have one brain cell between you - and can't always locate that - let me spell it out in simple terms that even the idiots that inhabit The Coalition should be able to understand.

If it is the intention to deal with it, then deal with it by granting the people the referendum that they have been repeatedly denied. If the EU does offer real benefits then why not produce the often requested cost/benefit analysis that would prove the case one way or the other? If The Coalition wants to listen then they are going about it in an extremely odd way by repeating all that crap about Referendum Locks and future Treaties, in the process ignoring all entreaties for a referendum.

The Political Class prattle on about democracy, yet continue to promote membership of an organisation that is most definitely not democratic; prattle on about devolution of power, yet continue to cede it; prattle on about giving the people choice, yet deny that choice.

Democratised Dictatorship? I was wrong, this is nothing but Dictatorship - pure and simple!


Anonymous said...

I know it’s impossible to include everybody but Dr North at EUReferendum and Martin Cole at Ironies Too have also taken your line in criticising this nonsense.

The one thing it shows is that the message is finally getting through, they know that to go further on their elitist and anti-democratic course will risk ever-growing anger.

I honestly believe that when they put their plans for voting reform to a referendum, we anti-EUers should simply write ‘Out of the EU’ on the paper.

Who for or how we vote in national elections is becoming increasingly meaningless.

Witterings From Witney said...


Yup - acknowledge Richard North but have been linking to him quite often and I dont want people to get the wrong impression and start talking about us both!

The Boiling Frog said...

Ta for the link Mr WfW. You wonder what we have to do in order to be listened to? But perhaps I shouldn't ask that question.

Witterings From Witney said...

My pleasure TBF - well deserved - the link that is!

subrosa said...

Good post WFW. It's possibly quite wrong of me to say anything, but the 'gold' colour you have to highlight a link is awfully hard for me to read WFW. Maybe it's just on the Mac here. Next time I'm on the PC laptop I'll check it then too.

Witterings From Witney said...


Believing in free speech as I do - say what the hell you like. Have taken on-board your comment and today (05/08) changed - trust it meets with your approval/