Saturday, 7 August 2010

Why Bother With Principles When Power Beckons (2)

Following on from the preceding post comes another example of this heading, one brought to my attention by Calling England. (and for those who don't read her musings, you should!)

Melanie Phillips, writing in the Mail, has a headline - part of which reads ".....So much for Tory promises on the EU". Discussing the decision to adopt the European Investigation Order, Melanie writes:
"Far from the police being over-burdened or civil liberties being lost, she trilled, the new order would actually reduce bureaucracy by merely codifying and simplifying processes that already exist. Ring any bells? As was pointed out by concerned MPs, precisely the same bogus assurances were made during the passage of the Lisbon constitutional treaty, whose fundamental destruction of British sovereignty was repeatedly described as just a 'practical' or 'tidying-up' measure."
I posted on this very subject here and previously here, the latter referring to an excellent paper by Statewatch which categorically states:
".....many of the changes proposed to the current legal framework would constitute a reduction in human rights protection and even (due to the abolition of the traditional ‘territoriality’ exception, explained below) an attack on the national sovereignty of Member States." (my emphasis)
As Melanie writes, the Tories fought the last general election on the promise that no more power would be passed to the EU.

Yes indeedy, most certainly when power beckons, principles are forgotten!

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Anonymous said...

WfW, the so-described ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been saying for years that the people of the UK are gradually being switched from Habeas Corpus to Corpus Juris.

We all knew that the treacherous scum we have in government now were creating a position where they could turn around and say, “Well look, it’s no different from what we have now”.

We have had the attempts, (and partial success), to impose detention without charge and trial without jury. We now have the EAW and the EIO.

“merely codifying and simplifying processes that already exist” sounds very much like “well look, it’s no different from what we have now”.

One up for the ‘conspiracy theorists’ I think.