Saturday, 31 July 2010

European Investigation Order (2)

On Monday 19th July I posted about the possible introduction of the European Investigation Order (EIO) and - surprise, surprise - our new 'unelected' Coalition Government have 'rolled over' and accepted yet another intrusion into the way this country is supposed to be governed by our own elected representatives. Peter Hitchens, writing in the Mail, has a vituperative article on that decision and which highlights the lack of real opposition by Eurosceptic MPs of all parties.

What is really offensive is the fact that, yet again, a government is ceding a 'right' that only the people have the power to cede. So what happened to the 'Cameron Promise' that no more power would be ceded to the EU and that a referendum would be held? Like any other promise of his, that one proves worthless - what is it with this man who believes people's memories do not go back more than 24 hours?

And the sad aspect of this? No-one seems to give a damn!  Very few members of the public even know what this latest 'roll-over' might mean to them and even more depressing, very few MPs were against it and those that were did not appear willing to create a 'scene' about it!

As a nation it seems we are, truly, to deserve all that is about to befall us!

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