Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dawn Patrol

Nothing to do with French or Primarolo but Sarah Kennedy quitting Radio 2 due to the fact that Radio 2 executives were, according to the Mail on line, becoming "increasing concerned and frustrated".

The article refers to Kennedy's "Gift of the Gaffe" and cites examples of her having offended various sections of our society by stating that black people are difficult to see when it is dark, that she informed listeners John Prescott should be renamed "Two Shags" instead of "2 Jags" following his affair and for having praised Enoch Powell.

It is perhaps pertinent to remind said Radio 2 executives that in the world us ordinary people inhabit it is a fact that black people are difficult to spot in the dark, that the term "Two Shags" was rife in the ordinary world long before Kennedy made her comment and that plenty of people who remember Enoch Powell also praise him for his foresight where immigration is concerned.

Bearing in mind that Sarah Kennedy's programme had a reported 4million listeners, it would be interesting to know just how many people, who actually listened to her, did complain. It is also worth reminding those people that their radio sets have an off switch!

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