Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Equality Gone Mad

Politics Home is reporting - at 20:00 - that the Parliamentary Labour Party has voted to have 31.5% of the shadow cabinet comprised of women, which means the remaining 69.5% will be men.

Now the interesting question is who will be the woman and man who are effectively cut in half - and which half of each will be selected? Will they choose the top half of the woman and the bottom half of the man, or vice-versa? 

On reflection they may as well choose the bottom half of both as the last time I looked the men were making utter 'pricks' of themselves and the women utter 'arses'.

Meanwhile on the government benches was - surprise, surprise - a mirror image!


Sue said...

What happened to their "equality" rules.

Shouldn't it be 50/50?

Lord T said...

Thats easy. Most of Labours women look and act like men anyway so they can choose mainly women and meet that criteria.