Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The EU Referendum Campaign

The 'Who We Are' page of the above website makes interesting reading indeed, especially as Carswell and Hannan are commenting on their blogs that 'we' have launched a new campaign.

The chief executive is James Pryor, campaign director for UKIP at the last general elections; the Director of Communications is Bridget Rowe, a former tabloid hack who works with the Ukip press office, Marc Glendering, the campaign director, whilst not directly affiliated with UKIP, has spoken at their events in the past.
Now it is appreciated that this campaign is a 'cross-party' campaign, however it is indeed strange that no mention is made of the Ukip connection.
Just interested, you understand...........


Anonymous said...

Something ain't right about that. Why all the secrecy, eh ;-)

Sue said...

I am pleased that UKIP managed to get Mr Hannan and Mr Carswell to mention the site though.

People DO listen to them.

Edward Spalton said...

To those keen on an "in/out" EU referendum, I would say "Remember 1975!"
Within about 2 years the well-resourced "Yes" campaign was able to convert an (opinion poll) 60% or so in favour of leaving the EEC into a 60% plus real vote for staying in.

Don't forget - Liberal Democrats want an in/out referendum too!

Quite independently of the announcement and before I heard of this campaign, I was in touch with Dr. Anthony Coughlan of the Irish National Platform. He has had more experience of referenda than most people here and knows the political scene on this side of the water fairly well.

Whilst he is certainly not telling us what to do or think, he is of the opinion that an "out" vote could only be assured by the support of one of the main parties - preferably the party in government. He has given me permission to circulate his letter. I have to say that I agree with him!

Dear Witterings, Send me your email address if you would like to see it.

No government would call a referendum until it was sure it could get the answer it wanted.

It is extremely valuable that there should be an organisation in being which understands and organises in advance how to fight a referendum properly. It could call for and, if necessary, fight a referendum on a specific issue - like the European Arrest Warrant or the the Common Fisheries Policy (which it was once Conservative policy to leave). If it fails in something like that, it will have lost a battle. If it goes Nap on an in/out referendum and loses, it has lost the war because THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Independence would be definitely off the agenda of debate for twenty years.

Witterings From Witney said...

Edward, I would love to have a copy of Coughlan's letter. If you click on the 'email me' button (top right)........

Failing which email me your email adds and I will respond direct so you can do likewise.

Many thanks.

Sue said...

I must admit, the EU Propaganda Drive is worrying.