Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Myths About Green Jobs

During my enforced 5 day absence I am unsure whether any comment has been made on a study, "Seven Myths About Green Jobs", produced by the International Policy Network about the hidden costs of so-called “green investments”, bringing a key policy of Britain’s coalition government into question also showing that subsidising “green jobs” wastes resources and reduces growth without necessarily protecting the environment.

For our politicians to slavishly follow a programme that has been shown to increase bureaucracy, waste and the nation's debt beggars belief but just confirms that the House of Commons truly is a 'mad house', populated in the main by 'nutcases' and 'fruitcakes'!

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Woodsy42 said...

Green jobs are simply a con. It's equivalent to telling everyone out of work to throw away their washing machines and hoovers and do 6 hours housework instead. Except in this case it's throw away efficient power production and use abour intensive ones instead.
In both cases it creates work and jobs but they are worthless as they do not create income for household or country.