Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cart Before Horse

Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph, has the op-ed 'slot' in today's edition and writes a piece entitled "Our personal safety is worth the sacrifice of a few freedoms", although the on-line headline has been changed to "We didn’t win liberties in order to bestow them on our enemies" - I leave readers to guess the reason for the change!

Some extracts:
"We need to get at the networks of ideas, the “scholars” and the plotters."
"In the new National Security Strategy, in which the Coalition sets out the threats to the United Kingdom, terrorism comes top. There is nothing more important, the Liberal Democrat/Conservative Government is saying, than preventing and defeating it."

"Our “hard-won liberties” are compromised whenever genital mutilation or forced marriage or the preaching of hate is connived at by authorities worried about upsetting a “community”. If multiculturalism permits the application of sharia, our liberty before the common law of the land is undermined. If Government money goes to extremists to rein back their even more extreme hotheads, power is granted to those who hate our liberties."

"Liberty is indeed a key concept in our society. But it will be discredited if the public see it as a means of protecting those who hate that society the most, while exposing the rest of us to unnecessary danger."
What follows may well be a simplistic view, but this whole problem has been caused by politicians attempting to impose their latest 'ideas' on an electorate when that electorate were never asked whether they wanted it and more importantly agreed with it. Thus we do, indeed, 'need to get at the networks of ideas, the "scholars and the plotters'!

Charles Moore, as with his journalistic colleagues, continues to 'promote' the mantra of the Coalition when he writes about terrorism being the greatest threat to the United Kingdom. Is not the greater threat that of our present political class who seem hell-bent on bringing this country to its knees by subjecting it to 'foreign' rule' from Brussels? Is not that 'foreign rule' - and subservience to it - the reason for all the social unrest we are currently experiencing with its adherence to equality, open borders, free movement of people and Human Rights? Witness the problems with genital mutilation, forced marriage, sharia law; all matters which contribute to undermine 'British' values.

Liberty is, again indeed, a key concept of any democratic society - and that liberty is undermined when immigrants, who refuse to accept the laws of the land in which they have chosen to settle, cannot be deported as undesirable. Is it not illogical that someone who has preached hate can use the laws of this country to ensure the retention of his British citizenship?

I have always maintained, that the ills that have befallen our nation can be laid squarely at the feet of our politicians - but what can we expect when we allow lunatics the keys to what is 'our property'?

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