Thursday, 4 November 2010

Clegg Needs A Geography Lesson

As Cameron so publicly demonstrated his lack of historical knowledge, not to be outdone Clegg demonstrates a lack of geographical knowledge - nothing like following one's leader!

Speaking today at the Government Leaders' Forum Europe 2010 in London, Clegg began his speech thus:
"There is a growing myth about Europe: It is that our best days are behind us. A cardboard caricature of the old country, which says that we can no longer lead the world in terms of technology or innovation. We are being sidelined by other, hungrier, powerhouses of global growth – India, China, the emerging power of Brazil. Our demographics – low fertility rates and aging populations – are against us. Our labour markets are inflexible, sclerotic. We tie up our innovators in reams of burdensome red tape. We spend our money on industries of the past. And, at the heart of it all, our collective advance is blocked by short-sighted national self-interest. As well as the political malaise of an out of touch, bureaucratic Brussels elite."
WTF is this 'Europe' and 'We'? For the 'nth' time, since when has 'Europe' been a bloody country? It is a continent, Cleggie, you 'Richardhead'!

See what I mean about our politicians and their levels of IQ? And we, the taxpayers, fund the uneducated bastards!

Can we not just hang them and start again ? 'Twould be far cheaper!

Just asking, like................


Autonomous Mind said...

It is indeed a continent. But if you think that's bad then get this... the EU has a capital city!

Slowly the pretence and the tales are giving way to the reality.

BJ said...

This fool is deluded.

It is becoming more obvious by the day that the working people of the EU countries can not carry on supporting this monster of a quango.

It is Clegg and his EU cronies who are stopping our economies from recovering.