Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Commons Debate on EU Economic Governance

Other than pointing out that on the HoC agenda this morning the debate on EU economic governance was advertised as being at 7pm and somehow got 'advanced'; as I am running out of time on BT Openzone 'allowance time wot I bought' I am unable to now comment on the debate which took place, based on Hansard records.

It is worth noting, unfortunately, that the anticipated 'Tory Rebels' did not materialise, as had been hoped - and on Friday, once my BT broadband is 'installed, I intend to have much more to say on this debate and the voting.

I believe the phrase is: stay tuned??? Be worth your while, I promise.......

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The Boiling Frog said...

The debate being 'brought forward' caught me out too. Needless to say Carswell et al lost by some margin. What a surprise.