Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How Much Energy Is Being Expended On This?

Never mind the energy, it seems it is going to cost us £1trillion!

EurActiv reports on the forthcoming energy strategy, to be presented by the European Commission. Do note also the changes in the means of gas and electricity production:
"Another priority for the next decade will be to build an integrated pan-European energy market, as both electricity and gas markets remain fragmented by national boundaries."
We also have yet another article, from the same source, on the need to develop alternative fuels to decarbonise our transport structure.

The first link also raises the point that all the funding for these grandiose schemes has yet to be found - however the bureaucrats have already devised a method to circumvent this small problem - namely: "new funding instruments" which no doubt is 'EUese' for us delving deeper into our pockets.

Methinks that I may as well take my contribution and stick it down the nearest drain!

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