Wednesday, 3 November 2010

More 'Green' &' Work' Shit to Be Dumped On The UK?

EuActiv reports that the Commission wants to introduce stricter controls to ensure that member states comply with EU environmental rules, with plans expected next year. Late last year, a Commission study recommended establishing "a specific European body, possibly hosted by the European Commission, for carrying out direct inspections and controls of facilities and sites in serious cases of non-compliance.

The BBC reports that the UK must end the practice of discriminating against workers from the new EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

So perhaps David Cameron would kindly explain why we need him posing in No10 and 649 of his colleagues in the House of Commons doing likewise? I can but refer back to my post in September,  which some readers may not have seen. Just what is the purpose of the House of Commons? (or the House of Lords, come to that)

When considering David Cameron, as 'Agent Provocateur' (and the majority of his so-called 'honourable' colleagues) one is reminded of the - most commonly quoted, as handed down by "oral tradition" - words of Henry II.

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