Thursday, 4 November 2010

More MSM & Political Propoganda

Two articles of 'interest' today; Benedict Brogan in the Telegraph and Steve Richards in the Independent.

In his article entitled "Can Cameron turn America's weakness into a strength" - which should be a piece of cake for a man who has had more 'turns' than a spinning top - Brogan writes:
"For the Coalition, Mr Obama's humiliation merely reinforces the ways in which Mr Cameron has already made the right policy choices. This week has, for example, shone a light on how successful he has been at discreetly reconfiguring Britain's strategic relationships in a world of declining American influence. It was coincidence rather than design, but he could not have given a better signal that Britain has turned itself a notch or two towards Europe than back-to-back visits from the German Chancellor and the French President."(my emphasis)
As I have pointed out previously, where was this decision put to the electorate in either of the iindividual Con/Lib manifestos, or in the Coalition Agreement? Is that not just what dictators do, namely just make a decision without asking the people? The 'tone' in which Brogan 'writes' (and I use the term in its loosest sense) makes one wonder who is his paymaster - the Telegraph or Cameron?

It is a great pity that Benedict does not share the founding idea of his namesake who believed that:
"Within the order, each individual community (which may be a monastry, a priory or abbey) maintains its own autonomy, while the organization as a whole exists to represent their mutual interests."
which seems to be to be the way in which any sovereign, self-governing nation should exist - each individual community/local authority maintaining its own autonomy, while the national government exists solely to represent their mutual interests.

Steve Richards is, indeed, in a class of his own where 'writing' complete and utter crap is concerned, with his latest offering in the Independent:
"The purging of the lethal poison became vividly clear for the first time this week, when David Cameron delivered his statement in the Commons on the recent summit in which he conceded an increase in the budget, having demanded a freeze. Behind him the Tory benches were packed. There are more Euro-sceptic Tories in the Commons now [1] than there were in the 1990s, when the party fell apart over the issue. Cameron is a Euro-sceptic [2] and some of his Cabinet colleagues are much more so. As he joked in response to one Labour MP: "If you think I'm Euro-sceptic, spend a bit of quality time with the Defence Secretary (Liam Fox). [3]"
[1] If there are more Eurosceptic Tories in the Commons now, then they have acquired the ability, like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, to disappear at will. [2] Brogan's comment that, at Cameron's instigation, "Britain has turned itself a notch or two towards Europe" makes Richard's comment laughable. [3] If Fox is a Eurosceptic then Gordon Brown was a Tory!
"But although some Tory MPs huffed and puffed, there was no great eruption of anger....."
To which all one can say is that if someone like Steve Richards does not yet know that poodles do not 'huff and puff' then there is no hope for any of us that rely on the media for factual information.
"The two front benches are closer together now, as expedient supporters of Britain's membership...."
for once, never has a truer word been written in the media and which just confirms that the electorate will have no choice come the general election - and why a referendum on EU membership is as likely as one's chances of a jackpot Lottery win!

Concluding his article, Richards ends:
"I had thought Europe would wreak fatal havoc once more, perhaps on the Coalition, where the issue is one of the few that separates Nick Clegg from Cameron. It will not do so. The phase when Europe destroyed parties has passed."
How, FFS, can the issue of EU membership separate Clegg from Cameron - they both believe in it! Hence it cannot do so! Richards has obviously not read my post on the cleansing of the Augean Stables which means the additional problem of finding a lampost for him!

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