Thursday, 11 November 2010

Paying Homage To The Fallen

 "I'm not going to pontificate and tell you to execute your government at dawn, but it wouldn't be a bad idea."
John Lydon
On Sunday at the Cenotaph, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband will lay wreaths, on behalf of the nation, to honour those who gave their lives to preserve this country of ours, its sovereignty, its freedom, values and traditions, No doubt MPs will be doing likewise in their own constituencies, including those of Cameron's own party, the Conservatives.

With the exception of: Baker, Steve;  Binley, Brian; Bridgen, Andrew; Campbell, Ronnie; Carswell, Douglas; Cash, William; Chope, Christopher; Clappison, James; Corbyn, Jeremy; Cryer, John; Davies, Philip; Davis, rh David; Dobson, rh Frank; Dodds, rh Nigel; Donaldson, rh Jeffrey M; Drax, Richard; Godsiff, Roger; Gray, James; Henderson, Gordon; Hoey, Kate; Hollobone, Philip; Hopkins, Kelvin; Lewis, Dr Julian; McCartney, Jason; McDonnell, John; Mitchell, Austin; Nuttall, David; Paisley, Ian; Percy, Andrew; Raab, Dominic; Redwood, rh John; Shannon, Jim; Shepherd, Richard; Simpson, David; Skinner, Dennis; Stringer, Graham; Tapsell, Sir Peter; Turner, Andrew; Vickers, Martin; and Wood, Mike - I have to ask how the remaining 605 MPs have the effrontery to stand in front of any war memorial and bow their heads in homage. If ever there was an instance of the dishonourable paying homage to the honourable, then those 605 MPs will be playing their own individual part in what is a meaningless sham!

Yesterday afternoon a debate took place in the House of Commons on European Union Economic Governance, for which one one hour and a half was alloted, and the Hansard report of the debate and voting can be found here. That means, allowing for 'pairings' and those not entitled to vote such as the Speaker etc, there were over 200 Members of Parliament who either abstained, or could not be bothered to make an appearance for a debate on a subject that has a profound effect on how we are governed.

In respect of the Conservative Party, we have been led to believe that the majority of those newly elected MPs are Eurosceptic - if so, where the bloody hell were they? Of the 40 Members who voted 'No', 25 of these were Conservatives. The Conservative Party presented themselves at the European Elections last year and the General election this year as a Eurosceptic party - for those who doubted this, the electorate were told that things would be different once Cameron won the election and that then we would see his true Eurosceptic colours - well they bloody lied, didn't they?

Amongst the many words in services, spoken throughout the country on Sunday, are: We shall remember them". To those of us who hold dear the United Kingdom, we shall indeed remember the fallen who fought for our preservation as a country. Unfortunately we shall also remember those MPs who have traitorously and shamelessly - six times in fact - given away parts of our sovereignty and the right to self-government - and continue so to do.

I can find no words to do justice to the disgust and contempt that I have for over 600 of our elected representatives. Those MPs who show no regard for this country no doubt feel safe in the knowledge that the voices of the dead, those they pretend to honour, cannot be heard. They would do well to remember that the voices of the undead will - God willing - be heard one day!


Derek said...

Well said.

Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks Derek.

Anonymous said...

Very good post, sir. It is so sad for those who lost family in both world wars and now have to face the shambles we have now.