Monday, 8 November 2010

The State Of The United Kingdom

And what a sorry state it is!

This morning we had the equivalent of the USSR Politburo in the United Kingdom outlining a "Business Plan" - at least the USSR, in their attempt to maintain an appearance of democracy, outlined their various "Plans" in the appropriate forum and the question must be asked of 'President Cameron' why this was not done by him in the House of Commons. President Cameron stated that:
"We will be the first government in a generation to leave office with much less power in Whitehall than we started with. We are going to take power from government and hand it to people, families and communities......"
His 'government' surely will be the first in a generation to leave office with much less power than it started with - he seems intent on handing what is left of it to Brussels! How this man has the gall to announce he is intending to hand power to people, families and communities when (a) he will be doing no such thing as he and his government still retain control of that power; and (b) he still wishes to remain a member of the most undemocratic organisation over whose decisions he has little say really does stretch incredulity beyond that ever known to man.

We then turn to the 'decision' by the Speaker of the House to delay the by-election at Oldham East and Saddleworth to allow a convicted ex-MP to seek a judicial review. Coupled with which we have witnessed the Speaker's wife voicing her opinion on television that Woolas should be given time to clear his name. Just who the hell does this woman think she is - and as the wife of the Speaker, should she not keep her nose out of what is not her concern? Or, for the avoidance of doubt, we should again be informed who exactly is Speaker of the House - Mr. or Mrs. Bercow. As it is his insistence that 'cow' is the appropriate pronunciation of the second syllable, it would appear to be most pertinent in either case!

Next highlighted is the case of a Nottinghamshire resident who wished to view a PFI contract twixt Nottinghamshire County Council and Veolia Environmental Services, one that involves public monies. Yet we have a judge (unelected) informing us that this is not possible. Err,WTF is going on here? Judicial Dictatorship?

We find that 46 'Terrorists' are due to be released from prison; that drug-addicted criminals will be 'spared' jail under plans being drawn up by Ken Clarke; that Speaker Bercow has spent £14,000 on chauffeur-driven cars and over £15,000 on flights for himself, his wife and staff; that Nick Clegg has 'abandoned' his plans to cut 'red-tape'.

What is that deafening silence I hear? Oh yes, the voice of the people protesting at these dictatorial decisions!


john in cheshire said...

WfW, do you think that the 'elite' are trying to drive normal people to the brink of suicide, and thereby remove a problem sector of society? Since the general election in May, nothing has changed; or rather all that is bad has accelerated. And we have now seen some people; Mr haig, for example; in their true colours.
But I despair of seeing someone emerge in my lifetime, who will champion our country and rid us of the liars, cheats, charlatans, thieves, brigands and mountebanks.

Witterings From Witney said...

jic, I share your despair, truly!

But I live in hope, it is all that is left.