Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tebbit On Cameron & Hague

Writing on the question of prisoner's votes vs UK sovereignty, Lord Norm blogs:
"Now, just how could this be so? In that rousing speech at the Conservative Party Conference the Foreign Secretary declared that Parliament was sovereign. Indeed it was he told us, “an eternal truth” that “what a sovereign parliament can do, a sovereign can also undo”.........
Whether I am right or wrong about that, if William Hague is right in what he told the Conservative Party, a simple one-clause bill should be enough to assert that either this particular Court of Justice ruling, or all of its rulings, are null, void and without any effect in this Kingdom. Perhaps just to make sure, it might be best to implement Mr Cameron’s manifesto promise to repeal our own domestic Human Rights Act too.
So what is the problem? Have the lawyers told the Prime Minister that our sovereignty is, well, not quite as sovereign as it used to be? Or is that the Prime Minister has been overruled by the Deputy Prime Minister, who does not believe in all that old-fashioned nonsense of the sovereignty of the British people, or that of Parliament, over a ragbag of foreign lawyers in Strasbourg.
Oh, the ironies of history. The Court created to protect us from anti-democratic forces should now turn on its creators slapping down the longest lasting democracy in Europe as being unfit to manage its own affairs. What will Mr Hague have to say to the Conservative Party Conference next year? That is, if anyone turns up to listen."
 I know it has been asked many times - if as Hague publicly declared that Parliament is sovereign and that what it has done, it can undo - WTF are we still shackled to Brussels? Yes, dear Reader, I am well aware of the answer, so bear with me whilst I explain it to those that don't.

The reason that we are still shackled to Brussels is that the majority of our elected representatives have, over the decades, been self-centred, egotistic, uneducated and therefore mindless, lily-livered, robotic - and as such - sub-human examples of humanity who posses no sense of national pride!

Clint Eastwood had the answer - Hang 'Em High!


Anonymous said...

And once again a Tory only writes about the urgent danger; gets credit for doing that much (which I suppose is the intention); and job done. He's still ok in our books. He's not and hasn't been part of the problem; and still we look askance at our oncoming slavery.

Tebbit had the audacity to write one time in his Telegraph blog that it was the electorate and the politicians who were jointly responsible for our predicament. He conveniently and completely ignored the fact that politicians lie, and the electorate are naive. In that statement he demonstrated the level of his cowardice, and his contempt for us. In return we will kiss his upholstered-polished butt.

Anonymous said...

Now tell us what you really think of the bastards!