Friday, 9 October 2009

All Of It, You Stupid Man!

Daniel Korski, posting on the Coffee House, poses the question "What would the Tories take back from Europe?", hence the title of this post.

Not only does this 'journalist' not understand the basic problem with our membership of the European Union, he also admits that Cameron could well try and 'do a deal' and thus 'save face' - what a surprise, not !

"David Cameron and William Hague will need to strike a balance between telling the public that even if Lisbon is ratified by the Poles and Czechs, a future Conservative government may still open the debate, call a referendum or renegotiate its terms of agreement - while saying privately to EU leaders that they would compromise under certain circumstances."

Why is it Korski and Cameron cannot realise and accept that Britain will never be 'free' until such time as the electorate are able to elect and remove, if necessary, those they choose to 'govern' them?

How can any political party present themselves to the electorate and say 'We are able and ready to govern' whilst hiding the fact that that is the one thing they cannot do as they are beholden to a 'set of rules/laws' imposed from another 'land'?

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