Sunday, 10 January 2010

And This Man Considers Himself 'MP Material'?

The Albion Alliance has been e-mailing candidates standing in the forthcoming General election and whilst some of the replies are questionable, the response from David Chappell - Liberal Democrat, Bury St. Edmunds - must take the proverbial biscuit! Even allowing for his version of the English language, some of the statements beggar belief!

"Perhaps you have misunderstood the nature and character of the European Union? It is a union only in so far as it is a convenient vehicle to expand the interests of our country in certain areas, primarily economic and environmental....."

"I am not aware of any democratic deficit within the rules of operation within the European Union."

One has to ask whether David Chappell has actually read the Lisbon Treaty? Mind you, in all fairness if David Chappell's ability to read the English language matches his ability to write the English language then it is understandable that his knowledge of the EU and the Lisbon Treaty is so abysmal!

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