Saturday, 2 January 2010

Cameron's Woodstock Speech - 2nd January 2010

So The Boy who would be King has spoken to his subjects and told them what they will be allowed, were he to win the next General election.

"We can’t go on with the same irresponsible economic policies threatens our recovery with higher debts, higher instability, higher taxes, higher interest rates and higher unemployment."

So that means we will be leaving the EU then, does it? That means we will be withdrawing our participation in the scam known as climate change?

"We can’t go on with the old style of politics that divides our country instead of uniting it."

So Cameron is definitely going to legislate that political parties put country before party?

"We can’t go on in these difficult times with a weak Prime Minister."

So that is another cast-iron promise then which would mean  Cameron would have to leave the EU, because whilst Britain remains a member no prime minister has any real authority!

"We can’t go on with another five years of Gordon Brown."

Agreed, but that is exactly what we are going to get - is it not? Like Gordon Brown, Cameron believes in EU membership, state control and the quangocracy.

"We need change to get our country back on its feet."

Never mind the 'back on its feet' bit Mr. Cameron, the people would just like to get their country back! In any event, we won't get the country back on its feet until we can decide our own future, our own laws and thus the ability to decide with whom we trade.

"We need change right across the board: tax, regulation, banking, infrastructure."

And the only change we are going to get in those areas are those which our masters in Brussels dictate!

"We will use the state to help remake society........"

So like Labour, the Conservatives are also entering the field of 'social engineering' then?

"As we do this we will redistribute power from the political elite to the man and woman in the street."

As has been said previously, this is a direct contradiction in policy terms when considering Cameron's avowed wish to remain a member of an organisation whose policy makers we cannot elect and who are totally unaccountable to us and who decide the majority of the laws and rules by which we live.

"And a strong, unbroken line of democratic accountability will be restored between the people and those that make the decisions that affect their lives."

Really? Without a declaration of the abolition of quangos, fake charities and the like; without true local democracy whereby people control their local laws, education, health, law and order, without the means to haul our MPs back to justify their voting records and remove them if necessary; without the country's negation of EU membership, 'a strong unbroken line of democratic accountability' will be a pretty neat trick!

"We are showing today the leadership the country needs to get the change it so clearly wants…
…leadership that is modern, strong, decisive, united.

One can but presume that breaking 'cast-iron' guarantees is an example of strong, decisive leadership?

"We have campaigned consistently to put the environment and civil liberties on the political agenda."

Dishonest, in the extreme, that statement. The only reason that the Conservatives, like Labour and the LibDems, have campaigned on those issues is that their policies have to comply with the directives and regulations issued by Brussels!

"We have said that from day one of a future Conservative Government, a national security council, with the key ministers and defence chiefs, will sit as a war cabinet. And I can announce today that if we win this year's election, I will invite leaders of the main opposition parties to attend the war
cabinet on a regular basis so they can offer their advice and insights. When a nation is at war, it needs to pull together.

To quote Ronald Reagan - there you go again! Presumably the phrase 'main opposition parties' means the other two, Labour and LibDems. If the country is 'at war' then surely leaders of all recognised political parties should be included? But then Cameron, Brown and Clegg would not want that as it would upset the 'tripartite cabal' that presently exists.

Verdict: As a speech by a potential prime minister - Mr. Cameron, it sucks!


dave barnby said...



Given David Cameron's New Year message:

‘Whether you’re Labour, Conservative or Liberal democrat, you’re motivated by pretty much the same progressive aims.'

and your claim in your article in the Mail today:

'New Labour brilliantly used the capture of power in 1997 to establish the dominance of the liberal Left across vast swathes of public life.'

'It now has key placemen and women in the civil service, the voluntary sector, the legal profession, the art world, the intelligent services, the BBC and the quango state which has passed outside democratic control ............. '

do you really believe that he will want to:

'........ roll back the state and try to restore that spirit of freedom, self reliance and aspiration that together provided the foundation of our national fortunes for so many hundred years'

as your article also suggests?

AntiCitizenOne said...

Did Dave really say
"We will use the state to help remake society........"

If he did then I'll do everything in my power to make sure a Hung parliament is the electoral outcome. This idiot in power will ruin this country even more than Blair and Brown.