Monday, 4 January 2010

Conservative Hyprocrasy

On the question of Britain's membership of the European Union both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democratic Party make no secret of their wish to remain members of that odious body. It is a great pity that the same cannot be said of the Conservative Party.

In what can now be fairly be described as his infamous statement setting out his party's position and policy on membership of the European Union David Cameron promised three things:

1. That no further transfer of power to the EU would occur without a referendum having been held.

2 . That he would instigate a Sovereignty Bill that would make clear ultimate sovereignty remained with the UK's Parliament.

3.  That he would negotiate the transfer of certain powers back to Britain.

The fact that not one of the above could be implemented is neither here nor there where the Conservative Party is concerned. What is even more hypocritical of the Conservative Party is the 'muzzling' of their candidates on the question of EU membership.

The Albion Alliance and its members have been writing to candidates of all political parties and some of the replies from Conservative MPs and Prospective Party Candidates has been illuminating in the extreme. Whilst all have 'parrotted' the Cameron 'line' of the three intended policies, it would seem that some don't really read what they have written.

For example let us consider Chloe Smith, Conservative Norwich North. In her reply she states: "A promise from an elected government is a promise." And a promise from the leader of an opposition party, one hoping to form the next government, is not to be considered likewise? Even one issued just before an election?

Consider the reply from Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, Conservative Prospective Party Candidate Chippenham, which also repeats the 'Cameron line' of the three policy statements. This reply contains this: "To hold a referendum now on the future of Britain’s role in the EU in the midst of the most severe economic crisis for generations would be hugely irresponsible". How? When considering that Britain is paying £60million a day to the EU, does this not form part of a 'severe economic crisis'? This candidate also states: "We should be in Europe, but not run by it". That policy, surely, was 'dropped' at the same time as Hague, was it not? He also states: "The Conservative Party has been the only major party to consistently campaign on and vote for a referendum". And the electorate should vote for a party that campaigns on one specific promise and then abrogates that promise?

One only has to access the Albion Alliance website and the candidate data base to read similar responses from Conservative MPs and candidates.


James Higham said...

Having posted, I'll reserve what you have posted here for an article later in the day. It is a very worrying thing.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Same destination, different scenic route.