Monday, 11 January 2010

Dictatorial Politicians

Has anyone noticed that of late all we, the electorate, has had is politician after politician - including the bloody Leaders - telling us what the election will be 'about'?

The latest example is Gordon Brown, addressing a PLP meeting in which he is quoted as saying: the election "will be about jobs, young people, debt, anti-social behaviour, law and order." Not forgetting for one minute the prat has chosen five subjects on which his - and his party's - track record is far from glorious, do we, the public, not get a say in what the election will be 'about'?

Unfortunately, Gordon Brown is yet another example of the 'dis-connect' between politicians and the electorate!

When the penny drops with the electorate the result will be a bloodbath! 

Afterthought: wonder what colour MP's blood really is - probably bloody green with all that environ mentalism they spout!

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