Thursday, 7 January 2010

Err, Excuse Me

Ben Brogan, writing in today's Daily Telegraph:

"The imperious thumb emerges slowly from behind the silk curtains of the gold-lined loggia, and wavers over the prone figure in the arena below. The gladiator places his sword on his victim's neck, eager to strike. The baying crowd catches its breath and awaits the verdict. And Lord Mandelson… lets him live. For the moment.We had to wait for more than three hours before learning whether Labour's emperor would allow his old friend and enemy to fight on, or whether he would withhold his favour......"

So the Foy Boy, yet another unelected and unaccountable member of the political elite that lauds over us, gets to decide whether Gordon Brown continues in office?

Perhaps Mandy should appreciate one thing: we, the electorate, who do not have much to look forward to - especially with Cameron's Conservitives Cameronians waiting in the wings - are looking forward with much anticipation to the pleasure of booting Gordon Brown into oblivion and don't need the help of Mandy, or anyone else!

On a more serious note, it was amusing to read all the 'words of wisdom' sprouted by 'those in the know' - in both the MSM and blogosphere - about the latest moves to oust Gordon Brown. When, as Brogan alludes, one considers that the delay in Ministerial backing was probably due to Mandy 'burning the telephone wires', it all falls into place. The Foy Boy cannot have his plans to renounce his title, find a nice safe seat and then return to the House of Commons as the new leader of the Labour Party, spoilt - can he?

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