Friday, 1 January 2010

Not Again Darling, Please?

Alistair Darling has a piece in the Grauniad, headlined "Electing the Conservatives is a risk we must not take".

Now Alistair, where were you in the late 70s? Oh yes, filling your head with the beliefs of the International Marxist Group for example. Even so, do you recall your history which would show that the last time your party was 'in government' - and the term is used in its loosest sense - Britain was left broke and virtually non-productive, in that what it did produce was basically crap. Fast forward 30 plus years - can you see a trend?

Someone has to sort out the mess that you and your cohorts have created - but I would not worry too much. As Old Holborn points out, those that are most likely to be tasked to do this are yet another Social Democratic Party who also believe in state control, democratic dictatorship, a burgeoning public sector and disregard for the electorate.

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