Friday, 15 January 2010

The Police - Another Aspect

Yesterday I posted a youtube video showing Thames Valley Police 'employees' having a little fun, which resulted in those 'employees' getting a rollicking from their 'manager'.

I am the among the first, given the opportunity, to highlight police 'incompetence, adherence to bureaucracy and all the other faults for which they have become renowned - although the more one reads the more one realises that these accusations are the result of policemen and policewomen being captives of their bureaucratic managers.

To highlight this check out this story on BBC and listen/watch the Chief Constable appealing for witnesses. Odd that he did not seem to mention the Home Office driven 'single crew' policy. The Police Superintendents Association at least are not afraid to admit that policing is now a 'business': "Research we undertook almost ten years ago revealed the business case for single-crewing over double-crewing of police patrols"

Anyway what was this officer doing 'out and about'? According to Jack Straw - you know the clown who occupies the office of Justice Minister - she should have been skulking away inside her local station.

In all seriousness, one can but hope this female officer recovers her health and that the scum who committed this crime are caught. Oh that we had a judge that could count beyond twenty when considering the number of years detention to be served - without remission.

H/T: Inspector Gadget

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