Friday, 1 January 2010

So Much Security, So Much For Security

Gordon Brown was quoted on the news this morning (Classicfm) as saying that more body scanners would be made available at UK airports. For what purpose?

"....Philip Baum, the editor of the magazine Aviation Security International, said he could not recall a single time when a bomb had been found using an airport X-ray machine alone. Airport security, he said, was "theatre", designed to reassure the public rather than to stop bombers." and "Baum ran a recent trial for a European government where a woman passed successfully through 24 different airports with the complete components of a bomb concealed on her body."

'One of the defining characteristics of New Labour is its belief that everyone is a suspect.' Could not agree more. 

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microdave said...

From the same story in the Mail comes this quote:

"but a Government source said last night: 'Cost is not an issue' "

It never is - after all, it's always someone else's money!

One day they will find the piggy bank empty....