Friday, 8 January 2010

What A 'Waste'

Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere but a story in the Ormskirk & Skelmersdale Advertiser exemplifies the waste of time council officials spend on 'bureaucracy' and the enforcement of 'rules'.

No doubt the fact that householders caught leaving rubbish outside wheelie bins can be fined an initial Fixed-Penalty Notice of £100, which if they refuse to pay can go up as high as £1,000 has nothing to do with it - of course not.

A man who has committed no real offence, used his commonsense, done a little favour for families, and has actually helped foster a nicer environment in his area, is punished because the council has enforced pointless, pathetic rules designed to hit the law-abiding citizen in the pocket. The state needs to take its nose out of our bins and its hands out of our pockets.

Perhaps, if like me, you are appalled by West Lancashire Council's actions and live in West Lancashire, you may like to send an angry email with your support for Albert to Pat Burgess, the council Refuse and Recycling Manager: - or if you would prefer to call and register your complaint, the number is: 01695 577177 ext.5432.

At the end of the day rubbish is rubbish whether it is in a bin, a plastic bag - or sits in the House of Commons!


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