Friday, 1 January 2010

Where Are The Little Grey Cells?

I am struck by this story in the Daily Telegraph regarding a parking ticket issued to a road sweeper who was attempting to pick up broken glass.

Not only does a parking attendant not need a brain to do his job but, as long suspected, neither does the council employee(s) who had to deal with this.

"The penalty charge notice was correctly issued as the vehicle was parked in a disabled bay and there was no sign of the driver or any workmen. A challenge to the penalty charge notice was subsequently made and the penalty charge notice has been cancelled".

So until this ridiculous penalty charge notice was challenged, not one 'crat' had the gumption to annul it? 

FFS - Prime candidates to become MPs then!

Update: Just come across this story which just amplifies my comment above. "A council sent a dead man a letter demanding money from him. Peterborough City Council wrote to 80-year-old Abdullah Sayeed demanding £74.03 in housing benefit overpayments almost two months after he passed away in September. A grieving member of Mr Sayeed's family opened the letter. The council apologised and said the mistake had happened because of a computer error". And who is it that keeps the Register of Deaths? Guess............

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