Monday, 12 April 2010

2010 Election - Taxation

One of the few areas over which our political elite can squabble, at present, is taxation, yet it would appear that incompetence is also rife in this area.

From the Bruges Group we learn that both Kenneth Clarke (Conservative) and Gordon Brown (Labour) have some questions to answer over £9.7billion that could possibly have been saved by Britain.

The use of the phrase 'at present' in the first paragraph is deliberate as, from the same source, we learn that moves are afoot by the EU Commission to encroach even further on taxation. When clicking on the link above it will be possible to see exactly which areas in taxation the EU is intending to legislate. 

Whilst viewing the link, also take note of all the other proposals listed. 

And still our political elite campaign on the deception that they will 'govern' us. 


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Anonymous said...

Not really surprising, sounds typical of K. Clarke, he has always been brown nosing the EU, and he doesn't bother reading what they write either. He just votes in favour, stuff the people, he's alright Jack.