Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Are The British Public Gullible - Probably

Gordon Brown has been speaking today on new politics at Centre Point in which speech a number of manifesto promises were made. Without going into detail, but to select one as an example, he wishes to reform our health services. WTF has his party been doing for the last 13 years if he now realises that it is necessary to reform it? In any event, for a man to submit a manifesto and also to give commitments and promises when he has a track record of breaking those promises - smoking and choice, referendums on the EU - it is a bit rich to expect anyone to now rely on what he says.

Not that the alternative is in any way going to be different, from what we have seen so far. As Gerald Warner, in a post today says, "....the two main parties have informally merged into one........David Cameron is not “the least worst option”: he is the worst possible option." Never mind about the two main parties, there is not much difference between them and the Liberal Democrats when considering their EU loving, polulation control, and other dictatorial 'you can vote but we will tell you what you can vote on' policies. What the three main parties have done is to form a cabal, protecting their little club - with the help of the MSM - by 'freezing out' any other view.

This situation has to be broken up and the only people able to do that is the electorate. Gerald Warner recognises this point when he writes: "The only way in which this charade could be transformed into a genuine election would be if the voters at last found the self-confidence to desert the three major parties. They rely on the electoral orthodoxy of “a wasted vote”, but if the Great Ignored could form a critical mass they would transform politics and reclaim their country."

So are the British public going to be 'taken in' yet again by the weasel words of our main party politicians or will the electorate finally say that they have had enough of the 'old ways'?

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