Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Last Thing We Will Get Is The Truth

Simon Heffer, writing the op-ed in today's Daily Telegraph, heads his piece "The only thing you won't hear in the next 30 days is the truth" and, without doubt, never has Heffer written a truer word.

We have the present incumbent Prime Minister who has broken his word with the country, despite standing on his party's manifesto. Yet, to the public, a political party's manifesto is supposed to be a contract between the party and the voter.

We have a Leader of the Opposition who wishes to be Blair Mark II and thus all things to all men. Unfortunately, in adopting this position, he has managed, in the eyes of the voter, to appear indecisive - something we all knew anyway, so the effort on his part was totally wasted.

We have a leader of the Liberal Democrats, a man who wishes to be on both sides of the fence, whose only avowed aim is to change the voting system so that his party might gain a foothold in government.

All three men are guilty of evasion, lying and deceit where their policies are concerned. Not one will admit to the underlying reasons which decide their policies, whether that be immigration, foreign policy, the economy and taxation, the EU, 'cuts' in public services, or education. In fact they do everything they can to avoid having to discuss them, especially with members of the public. Every 'event' is stage managed, none more so than the forthcoming 'Leader's Debate, which it is known has entailed detailed negotiations, down to the audience not even being allowed to show any 'spontaneous' approval or disapproval.

All three men control their party, MPs and candidates - not allowing them to express an opinion on any matter, unless it is the party approved and scripted response. A case in point, in respect of the latter accusation, is the Conservative candidates responses to the e-mail that was sent by the Albion Alliance, the replies to which were virtually 'word-perfect' (go search out the Conservative candidate responses on the Albion Alliance candidate database).

All three men are virtually indistinct from their opponents, in policy and attitude, to the British electorate. As I posted earlier today, they all operate on the basis of 'yes you can vote, but only on those matters we are prepared to allow you a vote. That attitude, in itself, is an affront to democracy - yet these three men would have us believe they are the champions of democracy!

In conclusion, they have no honour, they have no principles, they have no creed - other than self-advancement. In return, I have no respect for them.

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