Friday, 2 April 2010


The title of a post on Burning Our Money - and if Gordon has read that he really should just give up now. But wait a minute! Whats this looming over the horizon? Oh no, help! Its Cameron's Conservatives!

Jeff Randall, writing in Friday's Daily Telegraph said "In a system run by a heavy mob of spin shysters, smear merchants and rebuttal units, the avoidance of uncomfortable facts and inconvenient truths is what passes for a good day on the stump. Detail is the devil's work. This, I'm afraid, is the intellectual emptiness into which contemporary British politics has collapsed. Most mornings, I turn on the Today programme, listen to the obfuscation that masquerades as parliamentarians' highbrow comment, and fight a primeval urge to smash the radio." a criticism of which the Conservative Party is just as guilty as Labour and the LibDems.

Where is the 'Conservative' Party today? Instead of true 'conservatism' from them on the subject of devolution of power, all we get is an idea, devised by a Marxist, for Community Organisers and a Big Society. We get an intention to remain a member of an authoritarian body whose policies originate from unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. We get more 'socialist claptrap' on alcohol duty reaffirming that the Conservatives, like Labour, believe that if a problem exists it can be solved by taxing it. Where are the 'real' Conservative policies? The answer is they are most noticable by their absence, a fact borne out by Votematch and quite high-profile Tories who, inputting their views on policy, suddenly find they should be voting for UKIP!

At the forthcoming general election there will be a few 'true' Conservative candidates but if elected to form the next governing party those men and women will be ignored by Cameron, whilst his Whips will ensure the remaining robots are suitably programmed so as not to cause trouble. What is disingenuous of Cameron and his party is that they present themselves as 'change', when in fact they will do no more than continue the present government's ideas and leave us, both metaphorically and practically, in the 'brown stuff'!


Woodsy42 said...

What is disingenuous of Cameron and his party is that they present themselves as 'change', when in fact the

That may not be disingenuous. I read it that they used to be a Conservative party and they are not one any more. So they have indeed changed.

Witterings From Witney said...

Like it Woodsy42!