Friday, 2 April 2010

No Sam, Please No - Sorry, But I'm A Cynic

Samantha Cameron has started posting on the Blue Blog. Politician's wives helping their husbands by accompanying them on 'staged' events - fine, but spare us, please, the rather unsubtle attempt to bolster iDave's 'Big Society' idea and any of his other 'hare-brained' schemes.

"It was also good to see Conservative volunteers getting stuck into some social action, despite the weather. Two of the local candidates, Simon Nayyar and Darren Caplan, were there with 15 volunteers, all shivering in t-shirts, painting the walls of the courtyard. They’ve been helping out at the club for the past year, smartening it up and going to the events, they both feel that it’s one of the most rewarding things they’ve done as candidates." So Nayyar and Caplan have only been helping out for the past year then? As candidates, nothing to do with an impending election? Of course not!

To the average male swing-voter SamCam's appearance on the scene will not have any effect - neither will it, I suggest, to the average female swing-voter who is, I suspect, even more of a cynic than am I with this type of 'political ploy'. To the 'Mrs' halves of Cameron, Clegg and Brown, a plea - fade back into the shadows and do the electorate a favour? Please?


Mark Wadsworth said...

SamCam is one of the few people who look - and write - more and more like a caricature of themselves.

subrosa said...

Oh dearie, dearie me. I didn't think she'd stoop to the level of Mrs Broon with her twittering etc.

How sad. Can't someone tell her this isn't of any benefit to the tories?

Mrs Rigby said...

".. average female swing-voter who is, I suspect, even more of a cynic than am I .."

Yes. Maybe.

As a 'not going to vote Labour, not in a million years, but not yet sure where to put the X' voter my first thought is that she's silly. But that's hypocritical because I blog - so why shouldn't she? Isn't she allowed a voice because she's Mrs Cameron? Should she not blog because Mrs Bercow does, and because Mrs Brown does?

To be honest I don't really care because I won't be watching what she writes, because I don't go to the Blue Blog. How many people will see it?

Will her blog really affect/distance/attract/repel others or will it, along with those of other wives/partners, make more women think about voting, ordinary women that is, not those who have a family link with politics?

Witterings From Witney said...

MW, SR, - agreed.

Mrs. R, None of the leader's wives should demean themselves by blogging. In the political world they are peripheral to their husband's work.

Sadly they are allowing themselves to be used as a distraction from the business in hand - ie, whose got the 'prettiest' wife and frankly I don't give a damn!

Did Denis Thatcher attempt to 'add' to Maggie's appeal - no and he is the role model the wives should aim to follow.

As to you blogging, that is entirely different, Mrs. R - you are an ordinary member of the public (no doubt your husband would baulk at the word 'ordinary' - and I do not mean that in in any derogatory sense).

I trust you know appreciate whence I am coming

Woodsy42 said...

Party leaders now seem to think and behave as though they are founding a presidential/celebrity dynasty rather than applying for a job that should make them a representative of the people. Prime ministers should treat the position as a responsibility not an accolade!

It's also very sad and very depressing because it reduces what should be responsible politics to the level of sports personalities with their caravan of wags.

On a lighter note I wonder what commercial employers would think if all ordinary job applicants took spouses to their interviews? We can imagine: "Right, I have come about the job you advertised as a drain clearing operative. This is my wife, she's a great cook and in that short skirt isn't she a cutie........"

Lord T said...

I don'tknow.I'd rather look at Sam's face than Camerons smug mug.

Won't make me vote for the useless git though but I'll enjoy it while I can.