Saturday, 3 April 2010

Devolution Of Power, Personal Choice

Gerald Warner writes on his blog about the latest goings-on in Stoke with the adoption by Labour of Tristram Hunt. Discussing why there will be no Tory comment on this, he writes:

"Surely Tory candidates promoting the cause of Dave the Localist will make hay over this centralising arrogance of Labour chiefs? Probably not. Too many of them are A-List airheads imposed upon their own resentful constituency associations by Cameronian “modernisers”. The party of Elizabeth Truss and Joanne Cash can hardly criticise Labour. There are more hastily buried parachutes under the soil of “safe” Tory constituencies than there were in occupied France."
And there we have the reason why politics in this country is but a sham. Cameron and Brown pontificate about giving the people power, both promise change, both promise more personal choice in services delivered -and what do we get? The imposition of candidates on constituencies by them and their party machines, when it should be the voters who choose the candidates. This is indeed 'democratised dictatorship', or as Heather Brooke - in her book 'The Silent State'; and more on that later - calls it: 'diktatery'.

It is not just this 'diktatery' that is wrong with our democratic system either. Since when should a government employ PR, or spin merchants at public expense, to present their policies in a 'good light'?  Have we reached the situation where government is a business, selling its wares? Why is information collected in the name of the public, at public expense, then charged to the public who wish to access it? Witness, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, Royal Mail and Companies House as examples.

How have politicians been able to create a situation where we, the people, cannot be trusted to manage our own affairs? How have politicians been able to create a situation where we believe only the state can keep our streets vandal free or run a village fete? The state is now our saviour, protecting us, to make our lives easier, happier and richer and us more efficient. And how has this happened? In the same manner that the EU has used 'mission creep' to gain control of our country, so have politicians gained control of us by gradually usurping our freedoms.

Over the Bank Holiday - probably Easter Monday - I shall have more to say on this 'diktatery' and how we, the people, are being 'taken over'.


Anonymous said...

Good post, like the "diktatory" word, sums them up to a "T". Keep up the good work.


Witterings From Witney said...

Ta for comment, Anon