Saturday, 3 April 2010

Nigel Farage On Hardtalk

Fausty, earlier today, posted a short youtube clip of an interview Nigel Farage gave to Simon Sakur on 'Hardtalk'.

This will lead you to the full interview - an interview which was quite searching and one in which I believe Nigel Farage handled himself - and his beliefs - extremely well. It is just a shame that the BBC did not see fit to put this on the 'regular' channels and thus make an alternative view to the Lib/Lab/Con available to the general public. It might just have split, even further, what is falsely presented to us as the Conservative Party!

Anyway, you watch and make up your own mind - because I believe what Nigel Farage advocates makes sense.

1 comment:

Costello said...

Farage does well as always. Why on Earth are they throwing opinions from Richard bloody Murphy at him? Since when has that guy been anything other than a joke?