Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Gordon Brown In La-La Land

Politics Home is reporting that Gordon Brown, speaking at a Q&A session at the Yorkshire Post, said:

"The Lisbon treaty is not in existence, it has now been passed, we are now living under the regime of the Lisbon treaty and not the previous treaty. Have people really seen a huge difference in the relationship with us and Europe over the last few weeks? The reason that we didn't have a referendum on this is that there was no major constitional issue in there that had to be dealt with. They abandoned the concept of a constitutional treaty, they actually specifically said, the European Union, that it was abandoning that idea."

Ye Gods! FFS, where to start?

How about starting with grammar and language composition - if the Lisbon treaty is not in existence HTF can be now be living under the regime of the Lisbon treaty?

Of course we haven't yet seen any difference in the relationship of us and Europe - but give them time! Obviously the One-Eyed-Apology-For-A-PrimeMinister has not seen this, this, or this. Along with Cameron and Clegg, Gordon Brown stands guilty of deceiving the public with statements like this.

As to the European Union saying it had abandoned the 'constitutional' aspect - that is laughable, one only has to read the quotes here about the similarity! Coincidentally, on the aspect that we should believe what we are told - need one be reminded of the words of Gordon Brown and his Cabinet members, Tony Blair, David Cameron on the public being granted a referendum (see previous link).

If the public re-elect Brown, or worse elect Cameron - or one of those two with the assistance of Clegg - to 'govern' our country, we will well and truly be even deeper in the 'brown stuff'!


IanPJ said...

I fear that all 3 party leaders will see us all in dire straights before we get to see them in straight jackets.

Keep plugging away though, people are listening, and it will be reflected at the ballot box.

WV bande

James Higham said...

As you say, WfW, where does one even start, ?