Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cameron, Brown & Clegg Believe They Will 'Govern'?

Voting on 6th May, the electorate are being asked to elect the politicians to 'govern' our country and between now and then leaders of the Lib/Lab/Con will be trying to convince us that they are the 'ones', with 'stage-managed' debates on television and their 'twaddle-utterances' elsewhere.

Going to be a bit difficult when, according to Open Europe's press summary today:

"EU finance ministers will this week debate proposals to tighten surveillance over government budget deficits to prevent a repeat of Greece’s fiscal crisis. EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn will tomorrow outline the proposals, which may include more frequent warnings to governments with budget gaps above the EU limit. Rehn’s spokesman Amadeu Altafaj said in a telephone interview. The “problem is lack of enforcement of the budget rules,” Altafaj said. “We are talking about re-enforcing medium-term budgetary surveillance. Rehn is quoted as saying: coordination of the extent and development of the total expenses of the budgets”. He added, “But if we take our common destiny in the Economic and Monetary Union seriously, then all members must observe the rules which they have given themselves." Article 136 of the EU Treaty allows for such close economic policy coordination and that on 12 May, the Commission should propose the new supervision mechanism. "

"EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik has issued a "final warning" and threatened to take the UK to court over failing to adhere to EU planning law. According to the law, citizens must be informed about the possible environmental impacts of industrial pollution in their area. The Guardian notes that the move could hit the UK’s push for more new nuclear power stations.

And these three comedians wish the electorate to take them seriously?

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