Friday, 9 April 2010

Whose Scored?

On 6th April the TPA wrote this:

"......and the parties should be putting rival platforms for government to the electorate.  Unfortunately, our politicians appear to see the most important decisions as beyond the public."

That statement is so true and yet so sad. 

The Lib/Lab/Con are not presenting the electorate with rival platforms - at least not in policy. All they are bickering about is the methods by which they all hope to reach the same goals. More importantly, is the second point the TPA make, namely that politicians will not and do not - with very few notable exceptions - accept that their constituents are 'king' or (to satisfy those, like Grayling, with the equality bug) queens - and as such it is not the job of politicians to decide the people's future without having f'ing asked them!!!

All Lib/Lab/Con are clamouring for our attention and our vote but, unfortunately, 'the scores on the doors' (link for non-UK readers, to explain the quote) just ain't there - neither does Cameron 'seem like a nice boy', at least where his political leanings are! To use the 'Rooney' analogy so favoured by Gordon, at least our footballers score (in more ways than one) with their followers!

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