Friday, 9 April 2010

Phony Wars

Finally George Osborne shows his incompetence. Given the opportunity to plunge a knife into the main opposition to his party, he chooses Labour! Given that the biggest danger to the Conservative Party is David Cameron, it would, perhaps, best to be kind to Osborne and treat this attempt as a trial 'stab in the dark'.

It is obvous that Cameron and his 'gee-gees' - Gove, Grieve and Grayling - aided by his Yorkshire footman and a 'foxy' Doctor - are determined to ensure the country becomes a servile, controlled, equality and diversity loving island of the EU (the EU, for the benefit of younger readers, was previously known to those of us who were in education during the 40s, 50s and early 60s as the Continent).

With all respect to ID, if he believes the sight of two grown men arguing over minutae (mine's better than your's) appeals to the electorate - especially when a large section of their area of responsibility is about to be lost to the EU 'machine' - then perhaps ID has lost sight of the 'big picture' and the small print contained therein!

Its not about who has the best policies - it is about whether they, the Lib/Lab/Con, will even be allowed by Brussels to implement their policies!

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