Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Politicians Don't Want to Talk To The Public - Only At Them!

Much has been made on the blogosphere about a heckler's confrontation with Gordon Brown.

Why the surprise? Substitute Cameron, or Clegg, for Brown and the result would have been exactly the same! 

One can hope the situation arises whereby the above - along with their MPs - when they are suspended by the metaphorical piano wire off lamp posts, remember that the public who they took for fools were anything but!


Fausty said...

The only difference between the Cons and Labs is that the Cons will be more efficient (almost a dead cert).

But they have the same agenda, so a plague on them!

microdave said...

I'm surprised he wasn't manhandled away by Nu Liebor "goons"....

Witterings From Witney said...

F - never mind a plague on them, they are the plague!

M - obviously no 'heavies' on hand to 'man'!