Wednesday, 7 April 2010

News That Was Not News

Three stories caught my eye during the course of the last two days, although one of them is rather 'old hat' but is worthy of a mention in view of the comment from the Conservative shadow minister.

The Independent carried a warning from the Lord Chief Justice regarding the state of British law in the future. "He predicted that in 20 years' time there would be a very different judiciary to the one today." Perhaps the best aspect of this article was this statement in the article: "The Tory leader David Cameron has said he will act to prevent EU judges gaining greater control over the British criminal justice system by negotiating deals to protect it." Dream on Sunshine - has he not realised that he is but the Chief Clerk for the EU's UK region, designated to implement their laws?

A report from the European Parliament was quite enlightening in that it is reporting that the Lisbon Treaty may need to be re-ratified. Now that could present a problem for one David Cameron - Oh shame!

Last, the Sunday Express carried a report about the regionalisation of the United Kingdom. This, as stated above, is 'old hat' as a story, at least in respect of the 'joining of Southern England with Norther France', but most noticable was the comment by Caroline Spelman, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and ­Local Government, who is reported as saying "British ­taxpayers’ money is being used literally to wipe our nation off the map, erase a thousand years of history....." in respect that the article reported £1.1million of taxpayers’ cash is being used to erase it from maps that will be sent to schools across the south of England, coupled with the fact that documents seen by the Sunday ­Express reveal that the Department for Communities and Local Government is backing the downgrade.

WTF does that brainless woman, Spelman, think is the objective of the EU? Presumably, on the instructions of her Leader, the stupid cow is prepared to accept EU membership for 'heifer and heifer'?


Fausty said...

It's always a good idea to revisit 'old' stories, WfW, because some may have missed it. Frequenty I do, and my attention is drawn to it by bloggers like yourself.

the Lisbon Treaty may need to be re-ratified

They will never allow that to happen. When rules don't suit them, they either ignore the rules or rewrite them so that they are retrospective.

Woodsy42 said...

Funny that, I thought William had amalgamated Southern England to Northern France in 1066 when he beat Harold. And then Henry Plantagenet finished the job and Normandy and Bordeaux became effectively part of England from around 1150 to 1450.
We should be positive and treat this EU move as giving Northern France back to us rather than making us part of France. Let us ask for the Bordeaux wine region too, that would give them pause for thought!
Well Ok - but you have to make fun of it otherwise you would just weep at the stupidity and idiocy.