Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Unbiased BBC?

Now according to our taxpayer funded national broadcasting organisation - one that is supposed to be fair, non-political and non-contentious - there are only three political parties contesting the general election.

Err, don't somehow think so, BBC! It is a known fact the BBC have been accessing the Albion Alliance Data Base so it cannot be through ignorance that the BBC ignores the myriad of other parties who have candidates standing.

Neither is the summaries that the BBC produce for the Lib/Lab/Con accurate either.

Take their section Europe & Foreign Affairs - the BBC states: "Will Europe play big in the election? The main parties are united in their view that domestic issues are more likely to get voters fired up on the doorstep – but the subject remains fraught with controversy." (my emphasis) The main parties, BBC, are united in their view that domestic issues are more likely to get voters fired up because that is, basically, all the parties can talk about - coupled with the fact they have no intention of discussing the EU with the voters!

Take their section on the Environment - the BBC states: "How to keep the lights on while cutting our emissions? With threat of power-cuts and rising scepticism about climate science; whoever wins the election faces tricky challenges. Some acts of policy are devolved to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies, but others are UK wide." Not one word that the parties policies are determined by Britain's membership of the EU!

I really don't understand why the public are not allowed 'free' television - lets face it, if the BBC is hand-in-hand' with the Lib/Lab/Con, let them fund it!

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