Monday, 12 April 2010

Well Gordon Brown has finally gone to see the Queen, Parliament has been prorogued and the MP’s are no more.

Many have stood down and will disappear like the mist, others will be standing again along with a host of new candidates all looking for your vote in this all important General Election to be held alongside the local authority elections on the 6th May 2010.

The Albion Alliance has decided to now move its campaign into the constituencies along with the candidates, and take the fight for a referendum on the EU onto the doorstep.

We have now produced a printable PDF file of the Albion Alliance pledge that members of the public can present candidates with at the doorstep, in the street, at meetings and on the hustings when they are canvassing for votes .

As much as the political parties would like to take the EU off the agenda, we are giving the public the opportunity to put it firmly back in front of each and every candidate.

We are advising our supporters to feel free to tell everyone that they will only be voting for a candidate who will represent their desires for a democratic vote on the the future of the UK and our relationship with the EU.

We are suggesting that voters should tell candidates bluntly that if they are not prepared to sign up to The Albion Alliance pledge,  then they wont be prepared to vote for them.

You can download and save the PDF file here

Voters are advised to print lots of copies of the Albion Alliance pledge and give them out to their neighbours, friends, work colleagues, in the local, in the gym, when they go shopping.

The aim is to make every candidate wonder every time they knock on a door looking for a vote .

Will I be asked about the EU? will I be asked to sign this pledge ? 

Voters are being urged that this time, don’t let them talk at you, this time, make them listen to you.


Suggestion: If you get your candidate to sign up using this form, try taking a photo of them signing, so they cannot deny it later. Not that we don’t trust politicians anymore you understand.

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Macheath said...

Disappointment indeed - I misread your second paragraph as beginning,

'Mandy has stood down and will disappear like the mist'.

Witterings From Witney said...


If only, if only