Monday, 12 April 2010

A Sign Of The Times

Writing in the Times, Tom Baldwin headlines his piece "Immigration, the 'silent' election issue" in which he states: "... the silence of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg as evidence of a conspiracy to sweep the issue of immigration under the carpet. An apparent reluctance by the Conservatives to engage baffles and frustrates many on the Right.......Labour claims that there is little difference between the two main parties on the subject."

The silence of Cameron, Brown and Clegg is a conspiracy and a deliberate one at that. One Labour claim that can be taken as completely true is that there is little difference between the two main parties on immigration - to which can be added the Liberal Democrats. For the benefit of the uninitiated, the reason for this conspiracy and there being little difference in policy when comparing the three main parties is purely due to the fact that immigration is not in their remit to decide, it being an EU  competence.

It is not surprising that Baldwin and the Times do not mention the 'EU factor', after all why would they? It does not seem to be recognised by any of the MSM that part of their job is to inform the public and to do so fairly and impartially. In fact, reading Baldwins article one might be forgiven that immigration was the only 'silent' election issue - it is not. Witness that it was a week ago that Gordon Brown went to the Palace and we have heard nothing from our political elite about the EU or Energy - the latter which is also an EU competence.

This election is in fact a sham, a 'phony' election in that we are not electing anyone to govern our country. What we are in fact deciding is which of the parties we feel will be the most effective and efficient in administering the laws handed down to us from Brussels, from whence the majority of our legislation originates - regardless of what Denis MacShane says.

It is indeed a sad day for democracy when the three main political parties are unable to discuss three of the main issues in this election and even sadder when the MSM colludes in this deception by not fulfilling the role for which they were formed.

Reminder: At least on the question of politicians placing country before party and ensuring that we are given the referendum that has been denied us, you can now download a document which you can present to any candidate with the instruction: 'No signature - No vote'!

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microdave said...

Ian Dale has a good list of failed Labour pledges - I might print it out and keep by the front door!