Thursday, 8 April 2010

Why Cameron?

Conservative Home today carries the text of Tim Montgomerie's remarks during a debate at the Spectator. Unfortunately Tim's remarks are just the 'Montgomerie4Cameron Tosh' that one would expect.

Unbelievably, Montgomerie states: "For years there has been an unholy alliance of The Guardian Left and unreconstructed right who only want the Tories to talk about tax, crime, Europe and immigration.........He wants the party to occupy the full stage. He wants the party to play every instrument in the orchestra........We cannot, of course, be 100% sure if Cameron is a Thatcherite or a Heathite. A party leader - like a tea bag - only shows its true quality when it's in hot water."

That is exactly the point young Tim - we want the Tories to talk about tax, crime, immigration and, most of all the EU - and we want them to do so honestly and truthfully, something that is most noticable by its absence.

The Tories are no different to Labour in that they wish to control everything which is what playing every instrument in the orchestra means. As to Cameron's latest 'idea' of Citizen Involvement - all this means is a 'Cameron Youth', which is a tad reminiscent of another country in the 1930s.

Last, we do not wish to wait in order to see what sort of man Cameron is, we need to know now, although using Tim's analogy of a tea bag all we are likely to get is extremely weak tea!


James Higham said...

Just what do we have to do, Witterings? Just what does it take to bring this to the people to see?

Witterings From Witney said...

God knows James! Get elected? Maybe the Albion Alliance does need to become a political party?

Anonymous said...

I do not know how the likes of Tim Montgomery can spout such rubbish, is he a PPC or something. As we have all said for some time now, "they still do not get it", only a wipeout at the GE might make a difference, might!