Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Democratised Dictatorship - Again!

By what right does the Conservative Party take this decision and then, to compound the problem, let it be known that they will 'tighten the rules even further'?

This 'horse-trading', carried out at the end of every parliament and known as the 'wash-up' period, is a 'due democratic process'? LFII! (work that one out).

In fairness though it has to be said that never, in living memory, has a parliament been more 'washed-up' than this one!


Anonymous said...

They're following the EU agenda, but don't want us to know.

So much for 'open' government/polictics.

Adam R. said...

The Tories ought to have a disclaimer at the entrance to their website:

"Warning! The site you are about to enter bears no relation to the traditions and values of Conservative voters. Our leadership has done everything to promote greater integration into the European Union, increase welfare benefits, impose green taxes, strengthen the nanny state and advance the cause of unlimited immigration. We care about the New Labour base more than our own. Our purpose is not to oppose the previous government and right its wrongs, but to do everything more efficiently and at a somewhat cheaper cost. To our base, Dante said it best, 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here'-Mgmt".