Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Britain's Brightest Also Think It Is 'Cobblers;

Reposted from UKIP's website:
"In a debate at the Oxford Union on May 20, an audience of tomorrow’s top decision makers heard from a range of noted climate change experts but were swayed by UKIP’s eco spokesman Christopher Monckton.

Lord Monckton argued that the warming effect of CO2 was far less dramatic than previously predicted and showed that even if all the world’s industry was shut down for the next 40 years global temperatures would only decrease by one degree.

The exchange became heated when Lord Monckton repeatedly demanded that Labour Peer and trade unionist Lord Whitty state where his figures to support the argument for man-made global warming had come from. Lord Whitty’s response was to sit down saying, “everyone knows it’s true.”

But when the eco-warriors tried to return fire by asking where Lord Monckton’s evidence came from he drew cheers from the audience, stating: “IPCC, 2007, chapter 10, box 10.2”

The motion – ‘This house would put economic growth before combating climate change’ – was carried by 135 votes to 110.

Speaking afterwards, Lord Monckton said: “The world’s brightest students are finally getting fed up with all the groundless extremist propaganda getting rammed down their throats by people who seem to think they are stupid.

“For years, those set to profit from the ever-increasing number of eco policies have pulled the wool over the public and government’s eyes, but as soon as you pit them against the academic elite, all their arguments unravel.”

The result is a major boost for UKIP, whose climate-change policy has previously been attacked by the green band-wagon.

Twenty six of Britain’s Prime Ministers were educated at Oxford, including David Cameron, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and Harold Wilson. But it seems the country’s future rulers agree with UKIP’s long-held views.

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